Saturday, June 22, 2013

(Louie) Dog Shame- Terrified of Chewing Gum


Hi My name is Louie, I am a cattle dog/border collie/gremlin mix who loves to explore the world!   Unfortunately this week I have discovered a new noise, and I find it absolutely terrifying. 
It all started when the big fast human had something in his mouth.  It looked like he was eating my favorite thing, food, but then out of nowhere I heard it.  Pop!  I looked around, tail between my legs, ears down.  What was that?  Then I heard it again.  Pop!  This time from the female human.
I quickly looked around and fled the danger.  It turns out that I really don’t like the sound of chewing gum snapping, or any kind of mouth clicking.  For some reason it seems not to bother the humans.
Fortunately I have found several awesome places to hide from this scary noise.  One is in the back seat of the car as far into the foot well as I can go. 

Another is behind the bar in the kitchen where no one can see me from the couch.  
The other is in the closet with all of my mom’s shoes, where I blend in pretty well.  I really like to do this when I am all wet, getting all of her shoes wet too.
Hopefully I never hear the scary noise again.


  1. Love that Louie Dog!!!

  2. Oh this is so familiar! My dog Kiah, whose story I told in the last blog post on this site before yours, is also terrified of so many noises. I'm not a gum chewer but pretty much every similar noise (popping sounds firecrackers fires popping fireworks lightning and thunder) send her to hunker down and hide, just like all the pictures of your dog.