June 05, 2013
by Zach
Play: Hiking
Hiking over 1,800 miles on the Appalachian Trail (AT) was the most mentally and emotionally demanding, yet fulfilling adventures I have partaken in to this date. The never ending monologue, roots, rocks, and mud, but inner peace only achieved by removing ones self from society, becoming a hermit, an outlier, several socioeconomic rings below your accustomed existence. I am currently taking a break from the trail to save it for when I need it again.

Play: Running
Running is my new jam
No matter how much focus is spiralling towards race-day, ultimately what I love about running is the every-day training fit into a busy day. A break from the everyday norm. Time to turn off your brain, fall forward and catch yourself.

Recent Races:
  • Kate: Fort Yargo Trail Half Marathon (13.1 Miles) 2:20-ish February
  • Zach: Asheville Marathon (26.2 Miles) 3:22:15 (1st in Age Group) March
  • Zach: Knoxville Marathon (26.2 Miles) 3:11:45 (1st in Age Group) April
  • Zach: Chattooga Ultra-marathon (50k plus) waiting on results May 
Play: Kayaking

A DirtBag Sabbatical: A Synopsis of Summer 2012
Traveling, Kayaking, Hiking, Biking, 1.5 Jobs, Living for 4 months out of a Homemade Camper... A drifter's dream.

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